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The Digital
Loan Process

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Our commitment to you is a simple loan process. We use the latest technologies to remove or diminish the typical paperwork and speed up the closing process. In short, we’ve created a smarter, simpler way to get a mortgage.


Get Pre-Approved


Find Your Dream Home and Make an Offer


Inspection and Appraisal


Final Mortgage Approval


Close on Your New Home

Your Homeownership Loan Process

With the Novus pre-approval you can be on your path to homeownership. We use the latest digital technologies to alleviate the typical paperwork and speed up the closing process, and you can stay update every step of the way with our Novus app. With our simple 5-step process the home buying and mortgage loan process will help you reach your dream of homeownership.

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Get Pre-Approved

  • Be pre-approved for your mortgage with Novus’s digital technology
  • With a pre-approval, you are demonstrating to the seller that you are able to finance the home purchase 
  • Simplify the mortgage application pre-approval process by having these documents nearby
    • Proof of Income
    • Employment Verification
    • Proof of Assets
    • Drivers License
    • Social Security Number

Find your DREAM HOME and Make an OFFER

  • Your realtor will help you navigate the home buying process at a price that works for you
  • When you make an offer to purchase, your realtor will put together a purchase contract and help you negotiate with the seller


  • Inspection: The home inspection will assess the home for structure, foundation, electrical, roofing, and more, uncovering any major or necessary repairs
  • Appraisal: An unbiased real estate market evaluation to let you know if you’re paying a fair price for the home 

Have QuEstions?
Ask a Loan Officer.

Take a simple step today and connect with one of our experienced loan officers, committed to support your journey to homeownership. Our simple digital pre-approval process takes less than 20 minutes. In short, we've created a smarter, simpler way to get a home mortgage.


  • Submit all application documents digitally for review by the Novus Underwriting team
  • It’s easy to check your application status by logging into the Novus Mobile app to make sure no additional paperwork or signatures are required
  • Your loan officer will communicate with you to resolve any conditions
  • Once the underwriter resolves any issues, you will be CLEAR TO CLOSE
  • Set up the closing date!

Let's Go CLOSE

  • On closing day, you will be required to sign multiple documents. We make sure your closing and funding process goes smoothly by communicating and coordinating with all parties. Your loan officer will work with you to confirm you have everything need for a successful mortgage closing. Congratulations! You're a new homeowner.

Let's Get Started