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Gary Clements

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Gary Clements

Loan Officer

NMLS #2063371


7700 Windrose Ave. G300
Plano, Texas, 75024

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Gary joins a team thoroughly dedicated to matching each borrower to the best loan program.  He began his mortgage career shortly after exiting the engineering world with 40 years of experience designing integrated circuits.  Utilizing an approach that combines both creative and analytical problem solving, he has built a reputation for offering honest, detail-oriented guidance for his clients.

Gary is dedicated to putting borrowers first.  Clients are given support at every step of the loan process. Gary's personalized service includes developing a customized mortgage plan, finding a loan that makes sense financially, and providing knowledge and answers to borrowers during the process.

Gary’s exceptional attention to detail and great communication skills allows his abilities to carefully structure loans for success and allows ultimate success for all his clients.  Gary is also a devoted father to 4 kids and grandfather to 9 grandchildren.

Our Why

No matter where you’ve been, there really is no place like home. And for most of us, homeownership is a huge part of the American Dream. Whether you dream about owning your first home or your third, we want your dream to become a reality—which is why we’ve made buying a home easier than ever.

Our How

We have experienced loan officers, sure to make the process easier for you. We also use the latest technologies to remove or diminish the typical paperwork and speed up the process. Plus, we guarantee we’ll close your loan on time. In short, we’ve created a smarter, simpler way to get a mortgage.

Loan Programs

Novus Home Mortgage, a division of Ixonia Bank, offers the most diverse set of loan products in the industry. No matter what situation you may face, we set you up for one thing: to help a family get into a home.

Novus Home Mortgage has the product mix for every customer.


  • FHA 580 FICO
  • FHA Standard
  • FHA High Balance
  • FHA 203k Streamlines
  • USDA
  • VA Purchase
  • FHA No Down Payment

Niche Programs

  • ITIN
  • Fresh Start
  • Bank Statement
  • Homeowner Access
  • Foreign National
  • Non-Warrantable Condo
  • Non-Prime
  • Portfolio Select
  • Doctor Loan Program
  • Jumbo Loans


  • Direct Freddie Mac
  • Direct Fannie Mae
  • Fannie DU Refinance Plus
  • Freddie Open Access
  • Fannie Homestyle
  • Fannie Mae Home Ready
  • Freddie Your Path
  • Ginnie Mae

Make your dream a reality

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20935 Swenson Dr. Ste. 420, Waukesha, WI 53186

Toll Free (844) 337-2548.

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