Conventional loans are for buyers with good credit, good savings, and the ability to pay a larger down payment. Conventional loans are also good options for buying investment property.

We offer the following conventional loan programs:

  • Direct Freddie Mac
  • Direct Fannie Mae
  • Fannie DU Refinance Plus
  • Freddie Open Access
  • Fannie Homestyle
  • Fannie Mae HomeReady
  • Freddie Your Parth


  • Easy approval process

  • Only 1 year of tax documents required

  • Choice of single or monthly mortgage insurance payments or lender paid insurance

  • Good for most condo purchases

  • Mortgage insurance can be removed after reaching 20% equity


  • Higher down payment required

  • Harder to qualify with low credit score

  • Longer waiting periods after a bankruptcy, loan modification, short sale or foreclosure

  • FICO score and loan amount can affect mortgage insurance and rate